Subscribers to the fine art limited edition of The Illuminated Origin of Species will receive installments of full-size, hand-illuminated giclée prints of every page of the manuscript as each chapter is completed. Limited to twenty-six full-size reproductions, this is an opportunity to collect an extremely rare and massive work of art. Please send an email to inquire about details.

Make a Donation

In addition to financial contributions, I can also use the following items:

* Gift Cards for books and art supplies

  1. *New or used visual reference books

  (See my Wish List on Amazon)

  1. *Permission to use photographs as reference material (wildlife, landscapes, botanicals)

Contribute to The Illuminated Origin of Species directly by making a financial donation through PayPal. Donations in any amount are welcome.

You will have the option of including your name or the name of a loved one

in the Illuminated Origin manuscript for any donation you make toward the project.

PLEASE NOTE: The Illuminated Origin of Species is not currently a non-profit, but will work with a non-profit partner for tax purposes if you wish to make a sizable contribution.

All proceeds from sales of original art, cards, prints, and other items in the Books of Kell’s Shop support The Illuminated Origin of Species.

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